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What IS the Post Pandemic Church Project?

Few institutions have been changed more than churches and synagogues in this recent pandemic.


As it laid bare discrepancies in our health care system and racial divisions in our nation it also challenged clergy to figure out how to run communities of faith, predicated on connecting people in a world where those very connections might jeopardize the health of our members.

black and white photo of an empty church

Few people in our nation have stepped up as much as clergy in our faith communities. We have discovered how to re-create worship for a digital audience, how to run meetings and study groups online, how to visit the sick using an iPad and how to solicit financial support in new ways. Throughout the last year and a half, many clergy have tirelessly faced new challenges running congregations with creativity and pluck. In our project, we are interested in hearing your story.

Susan Cartmell on tv

We are interviewing clergy from Atlanta to Denver, Cape Cod to Greensboro and beyond. We have already heard stories of the challenges faced as well as  many examples of enormous creativity as religious leaders met the demands of the pandemic head-on and strived to serve their people – keeping them connected, offering worship, and doing pastoral care, all without missing a beat. It is an astonishing story of resilience, empathy, and courage.


If you’d like to be a part of this ground-breaking research, we’d love to talk to you! Click the link below to add your story. To meet the pastors behind this research project, click here to learn more.

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