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Image of Susan Cartmell with her name and description.

Susan Cartmell is a pastor who has served five churches in the United Church of Christ over the last four decades.  Through her experience she has written two books and successfully coached preachers.

Book cover for The Perpetual Pivot by Susan Cartmell

The Perpetual Pivot

Ministry in the Pandemic and Beyond

This is the story of unsung heroes - the clergy, in so many churches, who quietly changed the world they knew and reimagined their roles in order to lead their people, and their communities, during an international crisis.

Book cover for the book Uncommon Preaching  by Susan Cartmell

Uncommon Preaching

An Alternative to the Lectionary

Susan Cartmell took a journey across the country to visit churches with great preaching and lively worship. What she discovered was that Evangelical Christians and Unitarian Universalists were using themed preaching effectively to attract new members.


Working in her church over the last five years, she has designed a new system for preaching with themes in mainline Protestant churches. She shares her method and her journey in a story that invites you to consider new ways to preach faithfully without using the lectionary.

What Susan is Saying

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