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Hungry for Faith?

New stained glass window recently installed at The Ntaional Cathedral in Washington DC

We believe in partnering with other Progressive Protestants to start a wider conversation about the future of faith communities. This is consistent with what we discovered when we interviewed clergy from 9 denominations and faith traditions for our book The Perpetual Pivot: Ministry in the Pandemic and Beyond.   But the book and our experience with those clergy has launched a nation-wide and multi-faith conversation about faith communities after the pandemic.

See my latest blog which is running on the website of our new partner, Good Faith Media, a group of Progressive Baptists who have a wonderful website =  

There is a dangerous myth in the media and popular culture from folks seeking to understand the downward trends of young people leaving churches in droves. The myth is that young people have no interest in religion or faith. 

I recommend this website. Check it out...

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