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Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles

In Boston there is a convent near our house where people take a vow of poverty. They have relationships with different churches who supply them with provisions. Sr. Mary Francis told me that she believes in miracles because when the larder is bare, they all pray. One day supplies were low and they all prayed hard for a miracle. She went out the back door the next day and there she found a carton of peanut butter.

In our Bible Study class last week, we talked about miracles and whether we believe in them. I told the story of the peanut butter miracle. That story always makes me smile. For one thing, I always enjoy nuns with a good sense of humor. But I also like the story because it reminds us that God is often seen in simple things. I also like it because we sometimes forget that when we search for miracles, they are often hiding in coincidences no one can explain.

In our Bible Study when we all stopped to reflect, many of us had our own miracles, unexplained things that turned everything around. We all had stories that gave us pause, stories that brought wonder or gratitude. But it took a discerning eye to appreciate them.

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