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Who We Are

head shot of Peggy O'Connor

Meet Peggy

Rev. Peggy O’Connor has 18 years of experience as an interim pastor working with congregations through times of transition and change. Recently she has served as Chaplain Administrator of the United Church of Christ Society at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. She brings her experience as a Pastor, Spiritual Director, and Psychotherapist to the interview process. She is fascinated by the similarity and uniqueness of the stories we are hearing as well as the ways this experience has affected clergy. 

headshot of Susan Cartmell

Meet Susan

After 40 years as a minister, I resigned from my last call as pastor of Pilgrim Church in Harwich Port. It was a decision I felt clear about as I considered the unique opportunity to do some research about how this pandemic has affected church leaders and the Church as a whole. Though I no longer lead Sunday worship every week, I have the opportunity to learn more about how clergy have coped in a life-changing time of challenge and creativity. It is our hope that this research will be useful to pastors and to the wider church as we look at the impact of this pandemic on all of us and on our religious communities. 

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